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Go see Nava Lubelski (illustrator of Hot Springs)'s work in a show at the Queens Museum of Art.
It's beautiful!

November 20, 2005 - February 12, 2006
The Gift: Building a Collection for the Queens Museum
Opening Reception: Sunday, November 20, 2-5pm

June 3, 2005
LA Weekly Literary Supplement

JUNE 3 - 9, 2005

Small Press Is Beautiful

Cloverfield Press Given the inherent difficulty of establishing a new novelist or short-story writer's reputation, few small presses dare to take fiction as their métier, at least at first. Newcomer Cloverfield is throwing caution to the wind by inaugurating its catalog with a New Writers' Series of short fiction. Cloverfield markets its limited-edition books as objets d'art, pairing works by emerging writers (Miranda July, Carol Treadwell) with handsome illustrations from artists at similar stages of their careers. "My wife and I started Cloverfield for the same reasons that drew me to independent film," says Matthew Greenfield, producer of indie films Chuck & Buck, The Good Girl and Star Maps, and husband to writer and Cloverfield co-publisher Laurence Dumortier. "There's a lot of incredible work that wasn't getting out there. We've always believed in the single short story as its own medium, and now we're getting a chance to test that out."
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